For the love of cocktails


Her mixology majesty, named “Queen of Cocktails” by the BBC. You’ll no doubt be familiar with Tammy Jackson through her Instagram alias – as @forcocktailsake, this blonde South African bombshell is responsible for making some of the most stunningly beautiful cocktails around.

From her extensive and eclectic home bar, Tammy whips up daily drinks that are equal parts colourful, creative and utterly captivating.

And with a feed of photos so gorgeous you can practically taste every drop on the screen, it’s hardly surprising that she’s collaborated with just about every spirit brand out there, her photography and recipes have been featured in Stylist Magazine, Esquire and GQ, and she’s mixed cocktails on the BBC and ITV.

With a love for entertaining and bringing people together, her motivation is to help her followers get creative and elevate their own drinks at home.

When she’s not mixing cocktails, she’s a social media and digital marketer.

The influences

My passion for food and drinks (they go together like g and t) stems from growing up with my mother. How she loved to entertain and always had an open door policy with friends and family popping in or coming for cocktail parties and foodie involved gatherings. Don’t forget the carpet picnics! In my early twenties, I worked along one of the most gorgeous stretches of beach fronts in Cape Town in Camps Bay. The cocktails flowed. Beach goers and holiday makers from around the world would share their favourite drinks from travels and places I had never been. This was probably my first hands-on experience with cocktails. My fascination was with stories and memories that these drinks reminded people of.


The entertainers

As the years went on these influences became a part of me, as if by magic these experiences had entwined their way into my being. A love for entertaining, a love for making drinks and cooking – just about anything. From pasta making evenings, themed evenings, raclette or sushi making. The list goes on. My husband (Mr For Cocktail Sake) and I love being social, whether at home entertaining or taking our drinks and food to friends and family. 

The motivation

Life then took a strange turn in 2013, as I embarked on getting fit, strong and super healthy. A year later my body felt like it was packing up. No fuel was getting my body going and my get up and go, got up and left. I gave up my social media agency and my newly launched local women’s magazine, to take time out to get better. In the last few years, surviving copper toxicity and slowly healing from fibromyalgia and an IUD perforating through my body, I decided to start blogging to keep my finger on the pulse of all things social media. It was remembering all these things that brought so much joy to me, that inspired writing about cocktails.  

Home Sweet Home For Cocktail Sake Home Bar Drinks Blog
Photography: Claire Barker at Sunshine & Wellies



The For Cocktail Sake Home Bar was born

Hubster built me a bar in our living room, finding a way to decipher my thoughts and designs. We began unpacking all the gifts and drink related paraphernalia I’d stored since becoming ill. Honestly, it was like Christmas! I was finding my mojo. I have a thirst for knowledge and this journey is one of bringing people together, and learning all there is to know about my hobby and sharing this experience with you.


Goal game

My mission is to inspire you. Pimp your Prosecco. Try something smokey. Put aside the plastic straws. Spritz your gin and bitter up your bourbon. Make, bringing the people you love spending time with, special. And make something special for you. You (de)serve it!

It may sound completely counterintuitive that I started a cocktail blog, during my healing journey. (I mean is she mad, I hear you say) I love the creativity, the teaching, the learning, the trying of new things. 

So, when last did you do something for the first time?

Let’s go make some cocktails!