~ Coco’nota Ramos ~⁣

When your days of shooters are far and few between… What do you use those little shot glasses for?⁣ Prosecco for Pornstar Martinis… Sure and now Butterfly Pea Tea infused Prosecco for a Coco’nota Ramos 😉 You keep it classy (or boomer as a certain someone of a certain generation would say 😂)⁣ ~ Coco’nota […]

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Anniversary Cocktails

Today celebrates 14 yrs since Mr For Cocktail Sake put a ring on it 🙌🏻   ❣️ And celebrations sure start to show your age when an M&S Dine In, is exactly what you need with an elevated drink and ambient lighting from the home bar with the cherubs 😈🤣 tucked in bed. A perfect […]

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