~ Celestial ~⁣

CBD Voda Cocktail with Kombucha

Reach for the stars. But behold the beauty and potential in front of you… Always.⁣ ⁣ A cocktail experiment that turned into something delicious. The market seems to be full of CBD and Hemp products and I don’t see the trend slowing down. There is a big movement towards healthier options or at least drinks […]

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~ Coco’nota Ramos ~⁣

When your days of shooters are far and few between… What do you use those little shot glasses for?⁣ Prosecco for Pornstar Martinis… Sure and now Butterfly Pea Tea infused Prosecco for a Coco’nota Ramos 😉 You keep it classy (or boomer as a certain someone of a certain generation would say 😂)⁣ ~ Coco’nota […]

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A Toast to you

I am immensely grateful for each of you, who have been part of this journey of me sharing my home bar concoctions. When I started this, I never knew there would be over 5000 people interested in what I posted. Never. In. My. Wildest. Dreams. ⁣But here we are (insert happy 💃🏼 dance) ⁣⁣This bubbly […]

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