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Elevate your next Rum and Coke

⁣⁣A simple rum and coke can be so much more…

A Cocktail requires ingredients of a premium nature, to be complementary to one another and be a sensory experience.⁣ I enjoy a drink to entice the sense from first sight, then aromatics and finally the taste – this includes ice, spirit and mouthfeel. It’s an experiential drink. A cocktail allows you to drink less, but better.

The focus is no longer just on spirits. The mixers available these days go beyond cola, soda, lemonade or tonic, to top up your tipple.⁣ We’ve already seen a huge boom in the tonics offering but with resurgence of other spirits in the craft sector, it has become more important that ever to pair with more superior mixers.

Coca-Cola not one to miss a beat, have elevated their mixers offering with a range for premium darl spirits… Signature Mixers, co-created with Master Mixologists.

When Coca-Cola sent me a beautiful box of the selection, I was looking forward to experiment. ⁣

For this drink, I’ve topped up with Woody Notes, which has citrus flavours, layered with sandalwood, basil, yuzu and patchouli. Developed to pair with Tennessee whiskey or spiced rum. Co-Created with Master Mixologist and Global Bar Director @mrlyan et al, @alexjslawrence

Dragon’s Signature

Lime juice⁣
Ginger bitters⁣
Dragon fruit⁣
@cocacolasignaturemixers_fr Batch No. 4 Woody Notes⁣

The ginger flavours from the rum and bitters, worked really well here. The mixer enhances the tropical notes. A great match! ⁣ What do you think @gazjones_signaturemixers ?

Glass: @artisuk_
Straw: @surfsidesips

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