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A cocktail experiment that turned into something delicious.

The market seems to be full of CBD and Hemp products and I don’t see the trend slowing down. There is a big movement towards healthier options or at least drinks that have our well being in mind. My curiosity is always piqued with interesting products and I’ve so far been quite happy with experimenting with CBD, Hemp and kombucha products – all professing to be good for us…so count me in.

The experiment…

Upon receiving a selection of sample from Top Beverages, I was immediately intrigued by the Masala Vodka. Amongst their offering is myriad of premium spirits infused with CBD.

From the creators:

We wanted to marry two of our passions–premium spirits and CBD. We had a simple mission: to create superior tasting craft spirits with clean ingredients, daring flavours and premier CBD infusions. We chose the name Top because it represented our lofty objectives and it is Pot spelled backwards, which pays due respect to our spirits’ core ingredient-Cannabis. We travelled to more than 30 countries and four continents to select our ingredients, which we brought with us to our distillery on the beautiful coast of Scotland. We realized that our CBD infusions worked best when each spirit was a Navy Strength 54.5% volume. We also added no sugars, no essences, and no artificial flavours or colors–just as spirits should be.

As you explore our website, we hope that you will embark on your own journey to the Top because it truly is possible to live AND drink well. 

Cheers,Saf and Nick

⁣~ Celestial ~

40ml @topbeverages Masala Vodka⁣
20ml @bolscocktails Blue Curacao⁣
20ml lemon juice⁣
Top with LoBro’s Living Drinks Organic Lemon and Ginger Kombucha⁣

Garnish with bloom, lemon zest and stars⁣
Glassware and @surfsidesips Glass Straw

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