Elderflower Tom Collins

Gin, lemon, sugar syrup and soda water are the simple ingredients  needed to create this iconic gin cocktail. The history of the Tom Collins is somewhat vague. The first recipe is thought to have been created by Jerry Thomas and recorded in his book Jerry Thomas 1862 Bartenders Guide. However, this recipe referred to a choice of base spirits. The second rumoured origin that I am familiar with  is that it was a prank. It was the notion that  you  would be told that Tom Collins has been saying crude things about you and to go find him at the bar to settle the score. You would then go to a bar and ask for Tom Collins, where the bartender would serve you the drink we know today.  An iconic gin cocktail, The Tom Collins.

Today we are also very fortunate to have  the array of craft gins available which are miles ahead of the offerings they had in Jerry’s day (circa 1800’s)

This drink was created using a local craft gin by Cantium, Cantium the name for Kent in Roman times.  The gin is distilled  by Gorilla Spirits to their exact recipe of Kentish inspired botanicals. including Lavender, Cobnuts, Apples, Blackberry and Hops, as well as roasted Kentish Chestnuts. It comes in a reusable flask, perfect for both hot and cold beverages.

The Elderflower Collins follows the same template as the now famous recipe.

Tom Collins Gin Cocktail

Elderflower Tom Collins

50ml @cantium_gin
25ml lemon juice
25ml Elderflower cordial
Topped with soda water

Build in  a glass with ice in a Collins glass and give a  gentle stir to combine.

I have garnished mine with freshly foraged Elderflowers, a Slice of lemon, strawberry and sprig of mint