A Toast to you

I am immensely grateful for each of you, who have been part of this journey of me sharing my home bar concoctions. When I started this, I never knew there would be over 5000 people interested in what I posted. Never. In. My. Wildest. Dreams. ⁣But here we are (insert happy 💃🏼 dance) ⁣⁣This bubbly […]

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Purple Marg

Well hello National Margarita Day! ⁣ 💜 🌵 ⁣ Thanks for coming!⁣💜 🌵 @eljimadortequila shaken with ice. Added a wee bit of lime juice and Blue Curaçao. Drop a good bit of hibiscus syrup and Agave syrup and shake like it’s the best Friday Fiesta ever. Strain over ice and garnish with salt and edible dried […]

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Petals of Joy

Rum and Lanique cocktail

The warmer weather definitely makes for prettier drink inspiration. Walking outside today and the tiny buds are showing. It’s a time of renewed energy and life. I am such a fan of Spring. This little drink is also a thanks to my fabulous adopted family next door… today I was given a box full of […]

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Rye Cask Negroni Chocolat

Negroni Cocktail

A little while ago I had the pleasure of visiting Greensand Ridge Distillery and met the maker. With the added bonus being that’s it’s on my doorstep. The Rye Cask Gin is an absolute find, if you liked aged spirits. Especially in a Negroni!   Not only do they make gins but in addition a rum […]

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