Old Friends – Rye Whisky Old Fashioned

Saturdays… made for great company and sharing drinks with friends around a fire.

When the cold air sets in for the evening and everyone has enjoyed their dinner. The logs are burning and that smoky smells envelops the air. Time for a tipple to share with friends.

It’s no secret by now that I love an Old Fashioned and love playing with this template. Reaching for a new bottle of Rye means for a new experiment :-)⁣

Loving clementines being in season still and the hint of tart and sweet it brings to the drink. The Aztec bitters tie in the drink with chocolate and spice. 

Ready to warm up?

? ⁣
~ Old Friends ~⁣
50ml Rye Whiskey⁣
10ml agave⁣
Dashes of Aztec Chocolate Bitters⁣
Squeeze of Clementine⁣
Express and garnish with Clementine peel⁣

Happy weekend guys and dolls ⁣