Coffee Old Fashioned

It’s definitely all downhill to Christmas now. We’re celebrating our Friends Christmas tomorrow. It’s allllll the trimmings, all that’s Christmas. All the prep and planning going on here and its mighty cold outside. (Can you hear Bublé ?) This drink was a great pick me up and ever so warming. It’s an Old Fashioned Cocktail but a Coffee Old Fashioned. Hmmmm. 


The OG (or could we coin the phrase OF, I wonder?) recipe is Bourbon or Rye Whiskey, a cube of sugar muddled with bitters. Stirred and strained. Poured over ice.


This little adaptation omits the sugar. But it’s not missing anything, it’s just kicked up a notch. 


2 parts Bourbon

1 part Coffee Liqueur

2-3 dashes of aromatic bitters 


no garnish


Add ingredients to a mixing glass filled with ice. 

Stir until diluted. 

Strain into an Old Fashioned glass or tumbler, over fresh ice. 

Did I mention how good this is?

How do you like your Old Fashioned? Any good variations you could suggest?


If you’re giving this a go, share it with me @forcocktailsake on social media, so that we can say Cheers.



2 thoughts on “Coffee Old Fashioned

  1. mimimoo says:

    extremely creative… enticing preparations …. and HO HO HO very yummy looking.

    1. Tammy says:

      Hi It’s definitely become one of my favourites for winter or a night cap. 🙂

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