Rye Cask Negroni Chocolat and my new love

A little while ago I had the pleasure of visiting Greensand Ridge Distillery and met the maker. With the added bonus being that’s it’s on my doorstep. The Rye Cask Gin is an absolute find, if you liked aged spirits. Especially in a Negroni!


Not only do they make gins but in addition a rum and an apple brandy. I’m very excited about their big news, but for now my lips are sealed. I was kindly given some miniatures to try and that I did, with a little flight tasting session. This is one of my favourites from their offering and my first try of Cask gins. It will definitely be a regular featured brand here! No bias here, you have to try it to believe me ?


~ Rye Cask Negroni Chocolat ~

30ml Rye Cask Gin

30ml Vermouth Bianco 

30ml Campari

Dashes of Aztec Chocolate Bitters

Mix with ice to chill and dilute. Strain over ice sphere and garnish with orange peel. 


PS. Did you notice the ice ?? I’m finally getting there. Few will understand but for those who do, I know you’ll share in my absolute delight and a little happy dance. The clarity is 99% there ? I’m in love I tell ya!


Happy hump day guys and dolls.