A Wintery Gin Cocktail

When the winter is showing very little sign of giving up, it’s time to think beyond Christmas cocktail flavours and rather warming ones with some encouragement of Spring. This wintery gin cocktail, checks all the boxes for a warming drink with its winter spice and citrus flavours. Bonus… it looks pretty too.


40ml Gin

20ml Cinnamon Liqueur

15ml Blue Caracao 

10ml Simple Syrup

Squeeze of orange juice

Dashes of Orange Bitters 

Splash of tonic

Egg white


Flowers picked from the garden


Let’s Make and shake…

Dry shake egg white and squeeze of orange. 

Add ice, Gin, Liqueurs, Simple, Bitters into shaker. 

Shake like you’re encouraging the start of Spring. 

(I’m thinking just like the butterfly effect, if we’re all shaking this just might bring on Spring soon ?????)

Sunday’s sip to celebrate a great lunch and cocktails with friends. An early celebration for ? Chinese New Year ? 

It was great to be out today as this morning the boiler packed up – this in the UK is not a good thing when you’re trying to warm you 4’C bones ? Bit grateful none the less and tomorrow is Monday so bring on that engineer to work his/her magic!

Wishing you a wonderful week!