Au Papilio (Gold Butterfly)

A gin cocktail with a touch of magic and a hint of gold.

AU meaning gold, coming from the Latin word aurum. Papilio is Latin for Butterfly and there you go 🙂 The Au Papilio is a gin cocktail lightened with butterfly pea tea and sweetened with vanilla and gold leaf liqueur.

Let’s Make Magic…

50ml Gin

15ml Simple

20ml Licor Amor

25ml Vermouth

15ml Lemon juice

Dashes of Blossom Bitters (Bitter Truth Company)

Shake with all your weight in gold to chill and dilute. Strain into chilled coupe. 

Drop a few dashes of butterfly pea tea into glass. 

Garnish butterfly ice shard. 

Glassware: Artis

If you’re new to Licor Amor it’s a seductively smooth and decadent Vanilla Liqueur with gold leaf. Reduce simple syrup to taste. I’ve used a Silent Pool gin which pairs well with sweeter cocktails. 

Cheers guys and dolls