RUM’bunctious – it’s all in the name really. A boisterous, unruly combination of spirit, coffee, caramel and tonic.

This is the drink that you sip by the fire, whilst the gale blows outside and the rain pour non stop. A rum cocktail with a kick… and some.

Madness this is BUT it’s absolutely delicious. Definitely rambunctious! Rebellious on all levels.


Let’s Make it…


25ml Overproof Cut to the rum
10ml Caramel Liqueur 
15ml Simple Syrup
Three dashes of Aztec Chocolate Bitters
Splash of Indian tonic water 
Shot of espresso

Add rum, Liqueur, bitters, syrup to shaker and shake with ice.

Strain over fresh ice and top with tonic and espresso.

Ice ☕️ Garnish : Lime Wheel and coffee beans 
Glassware: RCR


Bitterness of coffee, sweet caramel and vanilla from the rum all balanced with bitters and the splash of tonic seals the deal.

What is your favourite espresso or rum cocktail?