My Precious Sapphire

Tequila is such a versatile spirit. With the traditional Margarita cocktail being a great recipe to play around with.

Tequila Cocktail



30ml Tequila Reposado

20ml Lemongrass and Lime Syrup

20ml Lychee Purée

15ml Blue Curaçao 

20ml Lime Juice

2 dashes of Orange bitters 

Blue Ice 

Drops of saline

Lychee twirl 


Make it…

Add tequila, syrup, purée, Curaçao, lime juice and bitters to a shaker. 

Shake like the gem that you are – wild and without a care in the world. 


Fine strain over blue ice spheres and add drops of saline to taste. 


Garnish with lychee twirl. 


I am so happy that you can’t hear me reading this out loud… the South Africa. In me calls it a l(ee)chee and the anglicised part of me l(eye)chee – it’s a to(may)to to(maaa)to scenario here. If you’re still with me and are having a chuckle at saying it out loud… I know you just did ? let me know how you pronounce it please ??


Cheers and happy Saturday guys and dolls. 



What is your favourite Margarita recipe?

For cocktail sake