Purple Haze in the Forest


Hendrix apparently wrote the lyrics to Purple Haze on Boxing Day of 1966. The track was developed at a press function that he attended at East London’s Upper Cut Club, Hendrix launched into the scorching riff in the club’s compact dressing room and every head turned. (Credit songfacts.com)-

Address: Forest Gate Center, Woodgrange Road, London E7: The Upper Cut Club


Andrew @thecrafttender has created a little challenge for the nominated to create a cocktail based on the nominee’s home city #CityCocktailChallenge


I’ve been nominated by my ever inspirational, fellow UK mixology hobbyist, Matt @theamateurmixologist who hails from East London, in a place called Forest Gate ?? 

And there you have it, Purple Haze written and composed by Jimi Hendrix at The Upper Cut Club, Forest Gate, E7 – the inspiration for this Purple Hazey Gin based Berrylicious drink. 

Then it’s my turn to challenge a few of you to mix a drink from my home, a tiny village in West Kent, UK – known as the Garden of England. I nominate @drinkswith Jude Scotland for where my husbands family are from. 

@ginnedup (from where I grew up Cape Town) and Belinda from Gold Coast (where my Goddaughter lives) Can’t wait to see what you shake up. 



~Purple Haze through the Forest~

50ml Homemade Gin 

20ml Blackberry Liqueur 

20ml fresh Blackberries, butterfly Pea Tea and Lime Syrup

100ml Birch Water

Egg White

Dashes of Aztec Chocolate Bitters

Make it… 

Dry Shake | Wet Shake | Shake some more like a breeze through the Forest. Strain into chilled glass | Garnish with botanicals and a piece of greenery. 


For cocktail sake