Christmas Negroni with homemade gin

The red cocktails are in abundance all over social media. They’re in every shade from deep red to vibrant brights, adorned with candy canes. It’s my favourite colour and find myself absolutely inspired and falling down the scrolling trap admiring them all. It doesn’t take much for me to jump on the Christmas bandwagon. 

When you’ve made your own cranberry gin, it’s obligatory to make a red drink AND it’s Christmas in two sleeps – as the tween keeps saying. I’d forgotten to check on the gin these last two days and when I got in this evening, the aha moment came. The gin was ready. Yippeeee!

Let the cocktail making commence. 


1.5 parts Cranberry gin – homemade

1 part Vermouth – Bianco 

1 part Campari

2 dashes of Blossom Bitters (Bitter Truth Company)

Garnish: Fresh cranberries and mint

You may notice from the ingredients that it’s not dissimilar to a Negroni (equal parts gin, Vermouth, Campari) 

However, the cranberry and bitters components, add a whole new dimension to the drink. 


Add gin, Vermouth and Campari to a shaker with ice. Ensure you shake to ‘Jungle Bells Rock’ and dilute and chill the ingredients well. This is a pretty strong tipple but with enough dilution and chill, it is truly a delicious and smooth, slow sipping drink. 

Strain into a coup or martini glass. 

Slap the mint over the glass. Add it to a martini pick with some cranberries and pop into the glass. 

The mint adds a freshness to the drink and compliments the cranberry and Campari really well. 

My addition to the red drinks social media feeds… done. 

If you’re making this, be sure to tag me in on social media @forcocktailsake and I can say cheers.