English Bloom

Home Bar Awards Entry on Christmas Eve Eve ?

It’s been such an honour to be nominated for Home Bar of the Year Awards 2018!

This Month’s challenge and entry for Home Bar Awards is Amory Amargo’s drinks menu process of Stirred, Bitters and or Amaro and No Juice. 

The prizes are amazing, including having your winning drink featured on Amory Amargos’ menu in New York! How exciting is that!

I’ve given this particular drink a lot of thought and process and my aim was to achieve a primarily Anglicised drink ?? Imagine THAT on the menu at Amory Amargo. A little bit of England, where I now live. 

Let the story begin…stay with me now.

~ English Bloom ~

60ml Silent Pool Gin

60ml Sacred English Spiced Vermouth

45ml Lavender and Sage Infused Campari

2-4 Dashes of The Bitter Truth Blossom Bitters


2 Sprays of Silent Pool Bergamot Orange Mist 

Slapped sage and lavender

Silent Pool Gin – Floral notes of Lavender and Camomile and sweetness of honey. A romantic, complex flavour. Botanicals, including Bosnian juniper berries, liquorice root, cassia bark, orris, and bergamot. The lighter botanicals such as rose petals, kaffir lime leaves, linden and elderflower are all part of their ‘Gin Tea Infusion’ 

Sacred Vermouth

A rich, deep and gently bitter vermouth, made with English wine , organic Wormwood & Thyme and Sweet Orange studded with Cloves further spiced with cinnamon, liquorice, and cubeb.

Campari,although Italian, has been infused with lavender and sage. Heightening the herbal and floral notes and adding a bit of savoury. 

Bitter Truth Blossom Bitters 

With aromatic jasmine, sweet hibiscus, earthy iris and charismatic lavender. Full of fragile fragrances, the flower basket is harmonic and delicate.

Silent Pool Bergamot Orange Mist with bergamot to contribute a rich, floral and slightly bitter citrus note which balances with the sweet juniper.

Lavender presents a floral, pungent aroma and flavor.

Sage is sweet yet savoury. 

If you’re still with me ? I hope you enjoy the sip and keep your fingers crossed. There’s an amazing group of home bar tenders in this competition and I’m proud to be part of their ‘team’