Cocktails have been flowing since…

A cocktail for every occasion…

Cocktails have been flowing since as long as I can remember in my life. There hasn’t been a special occasion that I can think of, where there hasn’t been a drink made or a drink ordered. In fact I like to think of life as the occasion. 

It’s not all alcoholic though, don’t get all uppity thinking I have a drinking problem. There have been many a morning making juicing concoctions that could rival most Bali detox retreats. 

However, this is a space where I want to share the decadence that a little cocktail in your hand brings to your life. Here I’ll be sharing drinks with ingredients that can be easily sourced and glammed up with store bought ingredients and some even pimped up with your own homemade additions.

From the days of serving up tall, ice cold cocktails at Sunset Beach along the palm tree-lined beachfront bar along the Golden Mile in Camps Bay, Cape Town, to ordering cocktails around Leicester Square, Soho and Covent Garden in my early days in London to becoming a “grown up” (well we try) and being inspired to make my own for dinner parties, birthdays, casual Friday nights in. I think it’s about time to get this home bar built and may the cocktails continue to flow.

Watch this space for updates on the bar build. You’ve got to love a hubster than can make my creative (insert numerous pinterest boards and instagram searches in here) ideas and dream bar wishes come true. Fingers crossed.


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      Great things take time 😉 All coming soon

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