Home Bar Shenanigans

Let’s build a bar she said...

So, when you embark on a new project like this, it is not without hours and hours of debating (yes, we have different opinions) and discussing (because eventually we’ll come up with the same (my ;-)) idea) but it does require two people. One to dream and one to build. A home bar means, I get to unpack a collection of cocktail paraphernalia, that has been gifted (thanks friends and fam), bought, acquired… you get the idea. There is loads that we never unpacked, when we moved into our country cottage, nearly four years ago.

The discussions included where to put the home bar – kitchen or living space? How did I want the bar to look- shelves, a unit or a counter or all of the above? We decided that the home bar would need a space where people could come and share my cocktails. Location: Living space it is. After countless Pinterest boards and searches across every social network, interior blog and Speakeasy inspiration, it was decided that repurposing an old unit we’d acquired, was going to give me the look and feel of what I dreamt of and suit our living space and be fit for purpose – storage and making cocktails. 

Hey presto, operation home bar gets underway. The living space is inspired by our surroundings – greys, whites, neutrals, black, white and dark green. Can you see the colour palette? I decided on a Graphite chalk paint and hubster suggested using planks to encase the old unit and burn it for a more rustic effect. We combined the two ideas and got to work one fine Sunday evening…with a few glasses of vino for good measure.

Scroll through the gallery below to see how it’s getting on…

The weekend following, is busy socially, but hopefully we’ll be able to get it in the door and start putting everything together.

Watch this space.