~ Coco’nota Ramos ~⁣

When your days of shooters are far and few between… What do you use those little shot glasses for?⁣

Prosecco for Pornstar Martinis… Sure and now Butterfly Pea Tea infused Prosecco for a Coco’nota Ramos ? You keep it classy (or boomer as a certain someone of a certain generation would say ?)⁣

~ Coco’nota Ramos ~⁣

@kokokanu_uk Rum and Coconut⁣

Coconut milk shaken with pineapple, lime and mint juice

Topped with Butterfly Pea Infused Prosecco⁣

Garnish with lime, mint and bloom⁣

Serve in @artisuk_

Glassware and @surfsidesips

Glass straw⁣

What’s it like…

Think Ramos Gin Fizz, without the gin, without the cream and without the soda… Ok maybe far from it then but it’s super tasty. Creamy, sweet enough with Koko Kanu, balanced with the juice and a hint of effervescence from the prosecco. Kind of the same but totally different ? if I haven’t lost you yet… Cheers!⁣

??©️ @forcocktailsake