Cranberry Showstopper

Oh hello Monday! I’m going to need a showstopping vibe this week, as I prepare schedules and to do lists for the end of the week and get everything together for a little getaway, a winter wedding, a birthday lunch and a little op – all over the course of 5 days. It’s going to be a crazy couple of days and getting a moment to be creative and make this Cranberry Showstopper and sit for a minute to enjoy it…. is just sublime. 

Will you join me?



Equal part Cranberry Juice


Equal part Ginger Ale

Watermelon, Mint and Strawberry infused ice spheres

Apple for garnish 


Layer the glass with ice spheres. 

Top with equal amounts of cranberry juice and ginger ale. 

Garnish with an apple fan. 

Ice Spheres 

Use an infusion tea bag of watermelon, mint and strawberry water. Water infusion tea bags can be found at most supermarkets or online.  Leave to infuse for a few minutes. Fill ice spheres and freeze. These are super easy to make and great to have in the freezer to pimp your mocktails or a gin and tonic. You could use different infusions made of teas and other juices or dare I say it, booze- If you prefer an undiluted drink. 

The cranberry, ginger and apple are all great flavours for winter and enhanced with the slight freshness the infused spheres bring. Lip smacking. 

Share this with someone you know who could use a tip from a friend to up their drink-pimping-game ?

Wishing you a showstopping week!