Rest n Rose

A very conscious decision was made last night to get my ‘get up and go’ on. The surgery on Monday went well and even though I’m resting, I needed a little creative and delicious pick me up. The Rest n Rose was it! A mocktail none the less, as still off the booze for a minute… doctors orders. 


This was hardly planned but I felt like something seasonal… bring on the cranberry, something sweet… the syrup ticked this box, something aromatic… all things rose for this and something healthy…check. 

My my mother had sent me some Rose water from Cape Town, a friend sent me a gorgeous bunch of roses, I had bought some Cranberry jelly to make something yummy and I had this gorgeous glass gifted from my aunt in Australia many years ago. All together this drink symbolised the things I missed and held dear. Perfect for healing and a pick me up. 


Tip of a barspoon of Cranberry Jelly

Two teaspoons of Rose Water

One spoon of Rooibos and Cocoa nib syrup 

200ml Cranberry Juice

15ml Egg White (I used 1 small egg)



This is the cheats guide to shaking. As I’m unable to shake anything right now and need to rest. 

Adding all the ingredients to my Nutribullet and blitzed for mere seconds. 

The cranberry juice was ice cold but you could shake with ice and then strain if you preferred your drink colder. 

Strain into tea cup or fine drinking vessel. 

Garnish – rest a Rose on top. 

A healthy mocktail, filled with antioxidants, vitamins and protein. The smell of roses absolutely uplifting. Perfect! 

Is there a drink that conjures up good feelings and memories and health, that you love?