Not Forgotten – Tequila Old Fashioned

It’s Hump Day, we’re almost there ??  January has been the longest month in the history of Januarys me thinks. 2019’s trial month where we try new things, set goals and plan. I think February is action month – another month closer to warmer weather perhaps? January is also a month to reflect on last year and what you would improve or treasure. This cocktail is exactly that and aptly named Never Forgotten – a Tequila Old Fashioned. I’m sure this has been done numerous times but here’s my take on it.


This is bound to warm you up, relax you from the day and brighten up your mood. Simple, classic and smooth. 


This is hubster’s favourite so far – made a little while ago. Pity he’s never had it again ? Thanks to my ever-growing list of things to make, shake and stir ? This is the thing right, I don’t have a favourite spirit as such or a favourite drink. I’m a creative and love trying new things but this drink is something that will stick and will be one of those to quickly whip up when you have guests. Our male friends love my shake ups of the Old Fashioned cocktail template. Maybe that’s because this winter I’ve really gotten to love these. The ladies still seem a bit nervous. Perhaps the rose garnish could sway you ladies to have a try?



~ Not Forgotten ~ 

5 cl Tequila (Working our way through that Reposado Tradicional from Jose Cuervo)

2 cl Agave Syrup (absolutely loving this at the moment)

a few dashes of Orange Bitters (I used Angostura House Orange Bitters)

Tequila Old Fashioned


Make it

Add all to a mixing glass with ice. Stir and dilute. 

Strain over large cube in rocks glass. 

Call me Old Fashioned but this is sublime!


Garnish: Float a rose petal down the Agave ? My puns need work ?

?I know where Agave comes from and the Algarve are on opposite sides of the world, almost. Just humour me and go with it ?

Cheers guys and dolls!

As always do let me know if you try it. Share it on social media and tag me @ForCocktailSake so that I can say cheers.