Santa’s order

Christmas is a time of reflection of a year almost done. It’s a time of togetherness. It’s a time of magic. The fat bearded man in the red suit, love it or not, it’s his big night soon. And this year we’ve got his order. Brandy cocktail it is.

Santa’s Order came about, wanting something comforting and delicious. 

There is enough frothy milk and grated cardamom chocolate for days. The smooth hit of cream from the Amarula and the warmth from the brandy makes this what you would want to swop your pud for. 


I’ve just had the an image of all of this going all over his beard 🙂 anyway let’s get to it…

The ingredients are predominantly South African. This was completely unintentional. Sitting and wandering if it’s that little bit of magic in the air. It’s just to remind me that, although I live (and love living) in the UK, in our quaint English Cottage, that I’m never far from home. Christmas does sure make you miss your family far away, at this time of year. 


Ready to get going on Santa’s Order?


200ml Milk (This works with Cows milk and Almond milk)

30ml Amarula *

30ml Klipdrift Brandy *

1tsp Honey

CocoaFair Citrus & Cardamom Dark Chocolate *


Heat 150ml milk in a sauce pan or in the microwave. 50ml milk in a cup and froth. I used the Nespresso Aerocino – it gets it perfect every time.

Add the rest of the ingredients into the heated milk and stir until the honey has dissolved. Top with frothed milk. Grate chocolate on top of the foam.

* Amarula and Klipdrift Brandy are readily available in the UK. Waitrose do a good selection of South African products, alternatively these are available online at various South African outlets. The CocoaFair chocolate, as far as I know, is not available in the UK but an equivalent or similar can be found at Seed and Bean or Rococo Chocolates – both online. Alternatively substitute for your favourite dark chocolate. 

Santa is going to love this 😉

Would swop your pud for this deliciousness?

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