Christmas Old Fashioned

All the goodness of Clementine, Cognac, bitters and homemade Christmas syrup. If you’re not in the Christmas mood yet, this little night cap is sure to spur on the festive feeling. It’s sooooo smooth.  It’s a riff on a classic Old Fashioned cocktail recipe.

I’m so honoured to be part of the Home Bar Awards of the Year group of finalists from all around the world. This year I’ve definitely found a taste for all the drinks on our challenge list.

  • Negroni – Gin, Campari, Vermouth
  • Manhattan – Whiskey (American Rye), Sweet Vermouth, Bitters
  • Old Fashioned – Muddle sugar cube with bitters and add bourbon or Rye Whiskey

These are all their classic ingredients. The challenge is to do your take on it.

The guest judge is Sother Teague from Amor Y Amargo – a Bitters Tasting Room, in the East Village, New York City. A definite on my travel wish list now. 

I had not intended to throw this one into the mix of submissions, but it just tasted so good. Being Christmas, it’s a time for giving right? So, why not share it with you all. 

The Christmas Old Fashioned


1 Clementine

20ml Christmas syrup *

40ml Cognac

3 dashes of @angostura_uk Aromatic Bitters *

Christmas Syrup

Syrup – equal parts water and brown sugar. 1/2 cup each. 2 Star Anise, 1 stick of cinnamon and half the Clementine peel.

Simmer until thickened. Strain and put into a glass bottle. You’ll have enough left over for another drink ?


  • Add half a Clementine to mixing glass (I used a teeny tiny one and it was more than enough, so judge the size or use a slice) 
  • Muddle and add ice.
  • Add Cognac and three dashes of bitters and syrup.
  • Stir to the beat of Bublé to combine and dilute. 
  • Double strain and pour into an Old Fashioned glass with a fresh cube of ice. 
  • Squeeze a piece of Clementine peel over your drink. Release the oils and discard. 
  • Garnish with a Clementine rose and Star Anise 
  • Sip and get ready to make another one (as I was requested to do ?)Cocktail Garnish

Do you know of any Bitter Room type bars in the UK? Now that would be a great experience. New York isn’t just a quick day trip away sadly.

If you try the drink, as always tag me in #forcocktailsake so that I can say Cheers!