Sparkly Gin Mule

If you’ve been over on the gram, you would’ve seen that this is not just any post… we’ve had a lovely gift which was deserving of a sparkly drink. The Sparkly Gin Mule in a highball and lots of ice was it. 


The gift was sent to me coincidentally, as I’d been on a quest to find an alternative. THE QUEST:- No sogginess and ease of use and convenient. Using Stroodles means it’s all kinds of good for the planet and your drinks. They’re  biodegradable, vegan, firm & completely guilt-free pasta straws. 

Now for the drink… the Sparkling Gin Mule is a low alcohol sip which is perfect for the festive season, when…. well, lets be honest, its pretty boozy with all the entertaining and get togethers, not to mention birthdays and then Christmas and ringing in 2019 all still to come.


This is also a great twist on a Moscow Mule and dare I say it a whole lot prettier 🙂 and the Rhubarb twist on the Ginger Beer makes a nice change. 

Make it long with lots of ice.


Then don’t forget the straaaaaws, I mean Stroodles…

OOOh and I added….

I’m really getting into the this sparkling shimmering season aren’t I 🙂 Pop Ball do some lovely stuff and I was given this as a gift (I know, totally spoilt) Shimmer for Prosecco – Rose Gold.

And now to build your drink…


Add all the ice.

Add Rhubarb and Rosehip Gin Liqueur, Followed by the Rhubarb Ginger Beer.

Garnish with Rose Petals and Rose Gold Shimmer.

Swizzle with a Stroodle. 

Would you add an extra shot of Gin? 

Or would this add a great low alcohol drink, to your holiday mix?

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