Warm Your Bones

Happy Halloween ☠️ Trick or Treating with the kids in these rather crisp temps, definitely requires you to Warm Your Bones!

Gasp… this one is non alcoholic. Hear me out… hyper, sugar rushing children and the added cold is not for the faint hearted….and on a school night. Ok ok sounds like a rant here but I really wanted something comforting and for a change swopped the bar for the kitchen.  

Time to…

~Warm The Bones~

Heat 1/2 cup of Almond Milk

Add a Measure of Almond Milk to a  Nespresso Aeroccino to froth. 

In a cup add…

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

2 tsp Activated Charcoal (save a pinch 

for garnish)

1 tsp Honey


Top with froth and sprinkle activated charcoal. 

Not only is it super healthy but also a great detox drink. 

Five reasons to add Activated Charcoal to your next drink:

Reduces bloating

Emergency toxin removal 

Digestive system cleansing 

Anti ageing 

Reduced Cholesterol 

*This is by no means a prescription and seek a medical professional’s guidance should you have any conditions related to the above. I’m just a mama who loves sharing tips and drinks. No doctor in the house here.*


Time to sip and thaw ☠️