Blood Orange Old Fashioned

When I saw that this week is Old Fashioned Week on social media (actually 10 days 1st Nov- 10th Nov 2018) I thought that maybe I’d challenge myself with this classic and put my own spin on it, creating the Blood Orange Old Fashioned. 

It’s not been the easiest week and honestly it would’ve been much easier to just crack open that bottle of wine. However, I’m on this mission that instead of our habitual reach for the vino come Friday, it’s time to shake things up (or stir in this case) and indulge ourselves a little. You work hard all week, managing a million and one things in this busy life, a little extra effort and you’ll be sipping a delicious cocktail. So rewarding. 

To the classic Old Fashioned, I salute you. I finally get why it has such standing – easy to make and easy to sip. Honestly it’s so good and you can change it up a million ways to suit your taste buds. I’m not usually one for spirit heavy cocktails. Call me traditional in the sense that I like a balance but whoah! This IS a new favourite.


Let’s stir some Blood Orange Old Fashioned up for the weekend…

Ingredients of the classic Old Fashioned, is a muddle of sugar and bitters and a spirit. Traditionally whiskey or bourbon, Angostura bitters and a sugar cube. Sometimes splashed with soda or water. 

Here’s my take on it. 


1 tsp Demerara Sugar

1 part (20ml) Blood Orange Syrup

2 – 3 dashes of Angostura bitters

*Large cube of ice

2 parts (40ml) Brandy


Dehydrated and scorched orange slice to garnish



Add sugar, bitters and syrup to an Old Fashioned glass or tumbler. 

Add a slice of orange here too.

Muddle to your heart’s content to ensure the juices are mixed and the sugar is dissolving.

Drop a large ice cube in the serving glass.

*Large ice cubes are great for slow sipping cocktails because they melt slowly and don’t dilute your drink before you’ve finished.

Next add the shot of Brandy. I used Bols Brandy, available at any supermarket or Amazon.

Splash with soda water.

Give the drink a stir and serve with a garnish of sliced orange.

Let me know if you try this at home or share it with a friend ? Everyone needs a taste tester. Mine (aka hubster) said he absolutely loved it – his first Old fashioned too.