Jewel Mule Cocktail

It’s #cocktailsin30 time! (Insert little Friday-dancing-in-the-kitchen dance here)

This is my place to not only share cocktails that you can easily make at home and share with friends and family but a place for me to be creative. Hope it inspires your creativity too.

The Jewel Mule Cocktail is part experimental, part balanced and so delicious.

Shall I make us a drink?



1 part Raspberry Vodka 

2 parts Fiery Ginger Beer

1/2 Lime 


Pomegranate jewels





Stirring Spoon

Martini glass or similar


Chopping board 



Add ice to the shaker

Next add Raspberry Vodka and Fiery Ginger Beer

Slice a piece of the lime and set aside to garnish

Squeeze the rest of the lime into the shaker

Stir the ingredients to mix and chill

Strain into the glass

Pop Pomegranate Jewels and slice of lime to garnish  

~ It’s been said it tastes like a delicious mix of really good wine gums and sherbet. Not sure about that but it’s a hint of sweet and sour with a slight fizz ~

Jewel Mule Cocktail

Happy Friday! 

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