The Pink Lady Gin

Simplicity at it’s finest, The Gin and Tonic, paired with a refreshing taste of home. The Pink Lady Gin from The Cape Town Gin Company is just a delight.

Seriously? WHERE has this heat in the UK come from? Absolutely balmy autumn (fall) temps here at 26’C. It’s amaaaazing! It made for a gorgeous early morning 10km walk through the countryside too. 

Keeping it light, simple and pink…This drink must feel right at home in this kind of weather. 


The Pink Lady

2 parts The Pink Lady Gin – The Cape Town Gin Company

2 or 3 parts Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water

Pour over ice and garnish with strawbs and mint

The Pink Lady Gin, is infused with Hibiscus Flowers and Rose Petals, and a delicate touch of Rose Water. Fresh floral aromas with rose and Turkish Delight on the palate. And all the way from my Mother City, Cape Town. Shared with some of my favourite people in my life, after a delicious lunch. 

Next on my list is their Rooibos Red Gin for sure.

Sip and enjoy ~ preferably with the special people in your life.