Purple Haze in the Forest

Purple Haze Cocktail

🌳 Hendrix apparently wrote the lyrics to Purple Haze on Boxing Day of 1966. The track was developed at a press function that he attended at East London’s Upper Cut Club, Hendrix launched into the scorching riff in the club’s compact dressing room and every head turned. (Credit songfacts.com)- a scan of the advert for […]

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Au Papilio (Gold Butterfly)

A gin cocktail with a touch of magic and a hint of gold. AU meaning gold, coming from the Latin word aurum. Papilio is Latin for Butterfly and there you go 🙂 The Au Papilio is a gin cocktail lightened with butterfly pea tea and sweetened with vanilla and gold leaf liqueur. Let’s Make Magic… […]

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Viridescent Cocktail

A Wintery Gin Cocktail When the winter is showing very little sign of giving up, it’s time to think beyond Christmas cocktail flavours and rather warming ones with some encouragement of Spring. This wintery gin cocktail, checks all the boxes for a warming drink with its winter spice and citrus flavours. Bonus… it looks pretty […]

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Gin and Jazz

This is sure to cure the post Christmas blues. There’s been sufficient food and alcohol consumed over the last few days but we do love it when, instead of talking about the weather, we’re excusing our indulgence with ‘Oh go on, it’s Christmas.’ There’s still holiday fever in abundance and now it’s the countdown to […]

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